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This documentary is about the Iranian fishermen who were kidnapped by Saudi government agents while fishing off the coat of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Following their kidnap and with no information given to anyone about their health or condition, they were convicted - without a lawyer present or anyone who could at least give them information on the allegations against them - to death by execution by the Saudi officials. The crime they were alleged to have been guilty to was drug trafficking into Saudi. A crime that they vehemently deny and the living conditions of their families provides that they could not have been drug traffickers. Subsequently, a number of then were executed in public execution ceremonies by the Saudi officials, and a number of them still await execution. The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has worked tirelessly to try and get information and to secure the release of these innocent fishermen, but the Saudi government and it's officials are not from those who keep their word. Prior to the execution, Saudi Foreign Minister had given his word to the Iranian Foreign ministry that the Iranian fishermen would not be executed. Yet within a very short time from him giving his word, the news of the executions by the Saudi officials came through. This documentary looks at their case, and looks at the impact their imprisonment and in some cases cold blooded state sponsored murder has had on their families and loved ones. Broadcast on August 13, 2012 - Press TV

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