Holy Quran - Surah al Mursalat, Surah No 77 - Arabic sub English sub Urdu

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This is a ‘meccan’ surah. Mursalat, in addition to the winds sent forth, refers to all the communicating agencies who convey the divine blessings and grace to the created beings in various stages and realms, such as prophets, angels and other conscious and unconscious functionaries in the activity of communication. The Holy Prophet (saw) has said that the one who recites this surah will not be counted from the Mushrikeen (polytheists). He/she will always be victorious over his enemy. It is narrated from Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (as) that drinking this surah after it is written, and then dissolved in water that is mixed with the water from an onion, acts as a cure from aches and pains. Keeping this surah, written on deerskin, as a talisman, enables one to reduce the amount of time he/she sleeps and he/she will be able to stay awake for a longer time.

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