Dhul Qarnayn : The Ultimate Journey - Part 3 I French sub English

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He is telling us that we must prepare ourselves to be witnesses and to confront and be the alternative to the challenge of Iblis, through faith, spirituality and science. He is telling you, beware of science, dress yourself with science, grow in your faith, raise your souls. Prepare your souls, purify your souls. And then, when you\'ve done that, you will be among those who have prepared to confront, the world in which Iblis wants to plunge us, the world that is the enemy of God. My brothers and sisters, this world is the world we live in today, the world that is being prepared a world where we want everyone to confront each other, that each one fights the other, that each one is opposed to the other. Today, the battle, it is a spiritual battle, as I was saying earlier, I said we have no greater wealth than our faith, we have no greater weapon than our faith and science. https://www.timetowitness.com/dhul-qarnayn-the-ultimate-journey-part-3/ 📺 Check out our Playlists Science & Technology : https://link.timetowitness.com/play/science Eschatology : https://link.timetowitness.com/play/eschatology Spirituality: https://link.timetowitness.com/play/spirituality Neom Project: https://link.timetowitness.com/play/neom 🔴 Don\'t forget to 🔴 🔵 Join our Telegram channel : https://link.timetowitness.com/telegram ✅ Subscribe to our channel : https://link.timetowitness.com/youtube/subscribe 📩 Subscribe to our newsletter : https://link.timetowitness.com/email/subscribe 🔴 Follow us on 🔴 🌐 Our Blog : https://www.timetowitness.com/ 📢 Facebook : https://link.timetowitness.com/facebook 📢 Twitter : https://link.timetowitness.com/twitter 📢 Pinterest : https://link.timetowitness.com/pinterest 📢 Reddit : https://link.timetowitness.com/reddit 📢 Instagram : https://link.timetowitness.com/instagram PLEASE NOTE: Any of the views expressed by the speakers do not necessarily represent the views of Time2Witness or any other projects it may have or intend to do. Time2Witness and it\'s affiliates do not advocate nor condone any unlawful activity towards any individual or community.

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