Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah - Speech - August 14 2020 (Post Beirut Explosion / UAE-\'Israel\' Relations) - English V

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Important points of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Speech 14-08-2020 Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: The Resistance in Lebanon is not a complementary element to existence, it is the one crucial element of our existence and protection. Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: I will speak about the new peace treaty between the UAE and israel. There has also been talk of links israel has had to the explosion in Lebanon. I will tackle this then speak on domestic issues in Lebanon. Sayyed #Nasrallah: The Zionists targeted a Hezbollah personality in Syria, martyr, Ali Kamal Mohsen. This is part of our \"punishment\" for aiding in Syria. This has left them waiting on the border on a leg and a half. I tell them to keep waiting. Our strategy has not changed. Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: What the UAE has done is considered an election promotion for Trump and Netanyahu. Those 2 are losing their popularity. Netanyahu awaits his lawsuit on corruption... Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: We should not be surprised if more countries sign such treaties. Trump will milk those countries of their honor and dignity for the sake of his troubled friend, Netanyahu, the same way he milked them of their money before. Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: Those countries will do anything to please America, and America says, \"Please israel and we are satisfied.\" Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: This act is strongly condemned. It is a betrayal to Islam and Arabism. But I tell the Palestinians and the people of the Resistance not to feel distraught, for those hypocrites need to be exposed. \"Lest you hate a thing when it is good for you.\" Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: There were several theories on the causes of the Beirut explosion. One being that it was a planned attack, and the other being that it was a result of negligence and irresponsibility. Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: Many theories were raised, but the mere fact of leaving fireworks and other flammable material in this manner is negligence, but also a crime! Sayyed #Nasrallah: Many were quick to blame Hezbollah and accuse us of knowing that israel was planning this. They claimed that we knew and that we would not respond had this been an attack. Hezbollah would not leave an attack on a single person, let alone an attack this enormous Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: If israel really was behind this incident, then the participation of the FBI in the investigations will be for the sake of covering up any evidence against israel. We are Lebanese too, and we do not trust the FBI. The Lebanese people need answers. Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: If this was a planned attack, whoever planned it was not betting on the attack itself, but on its outcome. There was a huge campaign aiming to overthrow the entire system. Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: At the time the Lebanese people needed every bit of help they could get, the media immediately took advantage of the situation to feed their agendas, push for a civil war, overthrow the presidency, parliament, and entire system. Sayyed #Nasrallah: There were certain political groups in Lebanon, serving foreign agendas, who working hard on igniting strife. They cannot expect someone with a history like president Aoun, who did not surrender before threats of getting his house bombed, to simply surrender now. Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: I have to thank PM Hassan Diab and every minister in his council who agreed on taking on the responsibility despite all the odds and remaining firm despite all the obstacles. Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: The coming government should be supported by all political parties. Its priorities should be reform, rebuilding after the port explosion, electricity, environment, public schools, the economic crisis... Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: The government should insist on the investigations in the port explosion. This government cannot be a neutral one. All of us understand the reality of the Lebanese society. We do not believe in the existence of a neutral individual in Lebanon. Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: Anyone calling for a neutral government is only trying to waste time. We all know what works and doesn\'t work in the country. Anyways, I am only putting this out there for the people to know. Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: Those (members of parliament) who resigned during those difficult times dared to throw accusations at the ones who chose to still carry their responsibilities. Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: If you want to abandon your responsibilities, quit politics. You cannot weasel out now and abandon your responsibilities when it is your policies that led the country to its current situation. Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: There was a huge campaign targeted at the people of the Resistance. I tell you all to remain patient. Remain furious, but remain patient, for we might need this rage one day. Sayyed #Nasrallah: On the 18th, the ICJ will issue its judgment (on the Rafiq Hariri assassination case). We do not acknowledge this court & if they were to blame any of our personnel, we will back them up because we insist of their innocence. We need to remain patient at those times. Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: At the end, I want to stress on the importance of abiding by all the necessary measures and instructions that have to do with the coronavirus. The situation is getting worse and our hospitals cannot withstand the pressure. Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah: We never know what might happen in the future or what new events might occur in the Zionist entity. Some would claim that Hezbollah is worried or perplexed. We are calm, collected, and certain of everything. Sayyed Hassan #Nasrallah speaking of the nature of the Ashura commemoration, avoiding gatherings, and ensuring social distancing. End

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