Astaghfirullah - Islamic song nasheed about Repentance | BISKITOONS | English

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Every day that we spend in obedience to Allah is an eid! This beautiful children’s song is a reminder for everyone that every day is an opportunity to become the best that we can be. It was tricky for the writer to incorporate the theme of repentance (istighfar) into a children’s song - we have done our best to present a piece of this beautiful concept in a way that would affect the heart. The idea is for children to be endowed with hope in Allah from a young age, to learn to have reliance upon Allah and to recognise that making mistakes does not mean that it’s game over! While the primary audience for this video is children, there are messages in the lyrics which speak out to people of all age groups. Istighfar - or repentance - has often been seen as something gloomy and dull. It is important for us to recognise the bright and hope-giving message that encompasses the reality of it. This video is being released to celebrate the praise of Allah on Eid ul Azha - a day of change, new hope and repentance. #MuslimYouth #Love #Islamic #ChildrensSong #Hope #ChildrensNasheed #Happiness #IslamicSong #IslamicMusic #HalalMusic #HalalSong #Repentance #Astaghfirullah #EidAlAdha #EidUlAzha #Hajj #Haj #Kabah #Mecca #Medina #Hijaz #EidMubarak #Eid #HappyEid #MuslimKids

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