Let us Discuss - Mr. Ali RAZA Mehdavi - What is truth what is not - Urdu

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Let us Discuss - Mr. Ali RAZA Mehdavi - What is truth what is not - Urdu ---- OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY ---- This person has said on the same lines as that of Accursed Zamir Akhtar Naqvi that 1. By declaring Boycott - Rahbar and other Marjae have made Halal as Haraam. 2. Abused the Palestian Martyrs. This information has been affirmed and testfied from reliable sources and in any case his video and public evidences are openly available in Karachi. After this he was beaten outside by some youths. Anyone who listens to what he has said if he has some dignity and respect for Religion left inside him has to do the same what these youths have done. This beating is nothing as compared to the punishment which these agents of discord deserve. Those who are doing negative propoganda to support Ali Raza Mehdavi and Zamir Akhtar Naqvi are supporters of Israel. There would be many such Ulama now (after the success of Hamas) popping out from within us who explicitly or implicitly will support Israel since Palestinians are not Shias these agents are paid to play the Shia Sunni cards so as to keep Shiite as a community away from supporting Palestinian thereby creating more discords and sects within Shia and fueling the fire of hatred within Sunni towards entire Shiite thereby resulting into more brutal assasination of Shia's in Pakistan. Hence anyone who utters such things from his dirty mouth deserves a punishment and it will be the duty of all those who are present where such Ulama are speaking such things to offen them then and there. The issue of Shia-Sunni Wahdat is the top most priority issue for Rahber and carries Zero Tolerance from our side. There is no way this issue needs any Maslehat Pasandi (pragmatism) and these agents illogical justifications of not supporting Palestinian and going against Israel will become a justification for many in generations to come and we will be answerable for this at the end.

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