General Soleimani In Syria | The Living Martyr P. 2 | English

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This is the second part of our four-part mini series on the Shaheed Qasem Soleimani, unveiling the truth about Syria. A flash back to remember how the world was deceived by the Mainstream Media into believing that President Asad was a murderer and how the Western powers backed foreign mercenaries like the FSA (Free Syrian Army) and ISIS militants, who filled the streets with blood. General Qasem Soleimani bravely stood against the many foes and lead the united Islamic Resistance forces to victory with the help of the legendary Hezbollah, courageous Iraqi militants and orthodox Christian Russia. Through the foresight of the General, the world moved one step closer towards the reality of Imam Mahdi (A)... #QasemSoleimani #IRGC #Iran #Freedom #Syria #Afghanistan #Iraq #SevereRevenge #Revenge #Islam #DeathToISIS #DeathToAmerica #DeathToisrael #DeathToUK

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