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Shaheed Muzaffer Ali Kirmani | Documentary | English

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Who was Shaheed Muzaffer Ali Kermani? What were the interests of Shaheed Muzaffer Ali Kirmani as a child? What are from among the accomplishments of this esteemed, yet less known martyr? And what was his main aim and goal? Moreover, what effect did the late Imam Khomeini have upon him, and what other great personality influenced him? And what efforts did he take to spread the pure Muhammadan Islam in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Finally, what did the scholars of Islam have to say about Shaheed Muzaffer Ali Kirmani? This short documentary details the life and martyrdom of a follower of the pure Muhammadan Islam, the follower of Imam Khomeini; the honorable Shaheed Muzaffer Ali Kermani.

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