Letters to Imam Jaffer Sadiq a.s. and his responses - English

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Letters to Imam Jaffer Sadiq a.s. and his responses - English. There are so many apparent and hidden messages in the responses of Imam e Sadiq a.s. May we all understand his orders - suggestions - statements. May we abide by all the direct and indirect orders given to us by our Imam a.s. We who call ourselves Jaferis - the followers of Imam Jaffer Sadiq a.s. - must acknowledge that we have received Imam s message and then call his grandson - the Imam of our time - Imam Mehdi a.s. a.j. Let us assure our Imam a.s. that we are ready to act upon the orders of your ancestors and you. Now come and help us. Our plight is miserable O Imam a.s.

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