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Why is it so hard to rise above their selfish needs and desires? Many people that do understand the consequences of consumerism do not always do anything substantial to resist it because often they themselves are deep into materialism in one way or another. Some of these people may hate Bill Gates and Donald Trump but at the same time they want to become rich and famous like these two. That is true for people in the West and the East. Materialism that was a result of a specific historical experience of the so called Modernity is the West is pretty much a global phenomenon today. Thanks to corporatization in the name of globalization! Consumerism is but one facet of the larger phenomenon of materialism. Simple quantitative changes in our lifestyle would not do much. What we need is a fundamental qualitative change in our lives and in our societies. ---- In the clip one of the organizers of the world-wide Buy-Nothing-Day Kalle Lasn was interviewed by a CNN anchor in one of the previous years. ----

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