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Presstv - English Documentary on Arrival of Imam Khomeini Dr. James B Thring, Secretary of London-based NGO, Ministry of Peace, who has come to Iran to take part in anniversary of Imam Khomeini\'s departure, said Imam Khomeini aroused admiration of those seeking justice for Palestine when he spoke against dependence of Shah\'s regime on foreign powers supporting Israel. He said that Imam Khomeini is admired for presenting revolutionary objectives through diplomatic, humanitarian and noble messages. \"He set a fine example to the rest of the world of how to improve people\'s welfare with minimum disruption.\" The British peace activist told IRNA reporter that the US and Israeli demands for criminal immunity worldwide are another affront to the global community. \"Their crimes against humanity and war crimes in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and many other parts of the world are the worst of modern times.\" He said that Imam Khomeini deserves even greater admiration than accorded to him outside Iran, because his perceptive criticism of Israel and the Zionist lobby were not broadcast widely. \"He foresaw the destruction of not only Palestine, but the Arab states generally, well before the devastation of Iraq.\" Dr. Thring said that he is lobbying to mull legal action by the United Nations against the Israeli and US leaders for the crimes against humanity they perpetrated in Palestine and Iraq. Abdullah al-Hassan made the remarks on the threshold of the 20th anniversary of the demise of Imam Khomeini. He contended that the thoughts of that politico-religious leader were based on Islamic unity. The ideas prompted the Ummah to withstand US and Israeli plots to divide the Ummah into conflicting groups, he said. He always supported the oppressed people in the world and encouraged them to confront arrogant powers, the Syrian thinker said. Imam Khomeini initiated Qods Day to bring the Muslims together on the Palestine issue, he concluded.

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