Icon of Satan P. 2/2 The Obelisk Today | Makinations Ep. 3 | English

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Icon of Satan P. 2/2 The Obelisk Today | Makinations Ep. 3 The Pharaoh, Nimrod, Yazid and all tyrants of the past may have died long ago… but the ideologies they represented are very much alive. In order to recognize who it is that is serving Satan in today’s world, we must look for its signs. Having established the obelisk as one of the most obvious symbols of polytheism throughout history, this second part focusing on the ‘Icon of Satan’ will reveal the existence of obelisks in the modern world, today. Where can obelisks be found? Where is the biggest obelisk on earth? For whom was it built in honor of? #Makinations #Satan #Jinn #Dajjal #Taghoot #Antichrist #Washington #GeorgeWashington #Freemason #Obelisk #OneWorldOrder #NewWorldOrder

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