[30 Jan 2014] Exclusive: Thousands in Syria-s Yarmouk camp face starvation - English

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30   Jan   2014   Exclusive   Thousands   in   Syria   Yarmouk   camp   face   starvation   PTV   Presstv   English   The   catastrophe   of   al   Yarmouk   refugee   camp   in   Damascus   is   growing   with   each   hour   Militants   occupying  

The catastrophe of al-Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus is growing with each hour. Militants occupying the camp since months blocked the delivery of food and medical aid causing the death of many civilians because of starvation. She is a mother picking up grass as food for her children. And this is where people hunted, killed and ate a dog to survive. Civilians have dozens of horrific stories to tell. This woman cries for her old and sick husband. People here told Press TV that militants have all the food they need but have refused to give them. After several failing initiatives, Syria based Palestinian factions were able to coordinate with some of the militants to bring in some UN aid into the camp. Several hundreds of food boxes were distributed.The urgent need of food assistance is clearly visible here is al-Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus, as hundreds of people have marched hoping to get a parcel of food aid. People say the distributed aid is not enough in comparison with the number of the needy inside as there are thousands trapped. Though the aid delivered isn\'t sufficient, but the fact that food started flowing in is optimistic. According to Palestinian factions, the Syrian government provided all facilitations for the success of the process. Al-Yarmouk is the largest Palestinian camp in Syria. The factions continue their efforts to clear the camp of foreign fighters and end the violence there.

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