Najaf: the Holy City | When He Calls | pt.2/8 | English

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Episode 2 of the ground-breaking new film following the journey of five students as they make their way to the Holy land of Karbala. In this episode, the students step foot into the Holy City of Najaf, where they are thrown into the thronging crowds of the colourful city. Contrary to expectations, the students find the atmosphere to be overwhelmingly welcoming. Here, the fascinating history of the lands of Iraq are explored. From the ancient civilisations of Akkad and Babylon to the short but sweet reign of Imam Ali [a], Iraq is bursting with intricate meaning. The people of Iraq, despite the adversity that surrounds them prove to be full of love. The pilgrims- and students themselves- show that they have not forgotten their “Master” Imam Ali, whose shrine stands tall in the centre of the ancient city. The students find a place to rest, and hope to set out to pray at the shrine of Imam Ali the following morning before beginning the walk to Karbala. What is it about the ancient city of Karbala that captivates Muslims? What makes approximately 30 million people travel there each year? The ziarat [pilgrimage] to Karbala is considered a sacred journey for Muslims across the world, especially the followers of Ahlulbayt (as). Every week, Islamic Pulse will be releasing two episodes of ‘When He Calls’ by the will of God, so stay tuned!

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