US Hand-Over Abducted Iranian Nuclear Scientist - 13Jul2010 - English

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Iranian academic Shahram Amiri who was abducted by the US last year is now in Iran's interest section in Washington. Iranian academic Shahram Amiri, who was abducted by the US last year, has been escorted by American forces to Iran's interest section in Washington. IRIB reported on Tuesday that Amiri took refuge in Iran's interest section in Washington, urging an "immediate return" to Iran. The Pakistani Embassy in Washington preserves Iran's interests in the United States, since the two countries have no diplomatic relations. In collaboration with Saudi forces, US security forces kidnapped Amiri while he was on a pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia in June 2009 and took him to America. Since then, two videos and one audio message featuring him have emerged. In the first video, Amiri said that he was abducted "in a joint operation by terror and kidnap teams from the US intelligence service, CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and Saudi Arabia's Istikhbarat" from Medina. In the second video, he contradicted his earlier statements, saying that he was in the US of his own free will to further his education, dismissing all rumors about his defection. However, in the latest audio message obtained by Iran's intelligence sources, Amiri insists that he was offered $10 million to appear on CNN and announce that he had willingly defected to the US. Holding the US accountable for Amiri's abduction, the Iranian Foreign Ministry summoned the Swiss charge d'affaires, whose embassy represents US interests in Iran, earlier this month and handed over new documents related to the abduction of the Iranian national by the CIA. Analysts say US intelligence officials decided to free Amiri after they failed to advance their propaganda campaign against Iran's nuclear program via fabricating interviews with the Iranian national.

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