[DOCUMENTARY] Dreams Destroyed – the untold story of Iraqi Genocide - English/Arabic

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Dreams Destroyed – the untold story of Iraqi Genocide Karrada- A microcosm of the larger Iraqi society where Shia Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Christians, and people from other religions, sects and denominations have lived in peace and harmony for hundreds of years. On July 3rd – 2016, the 28th of the holy month of Ramadhan, as the hour of midnight approached, the Hadi market, which is very crowded during this time due to the upcoming Eid celebration. The joy of the men, women, and children excitedly preparing for the upcoming celebration at Hadi market was shattered when the imperialist agents of ISIS who had suffered humiliating losses across Iraq, decided to exact revenge from the innocent families, and detonated a very large and devastating explosion. Facing defeats at war fronts, and unable to ignite a sectarian or religious civil war, the cowards of ISIS committed another crime against humanity, on one of the holiest and happiest nights in the Islamic calendar. CREDITS FOR THE DOCUMENTARY “DREAMS DESTROYED” Director: Talib Mahmoud Manati Writer: Tawfik Temimy genocideiniraq.net

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