Flash CS3 and Swift3D Express Plugin Tutorial - 3D Custom animations made easy - [English]

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Free Flash Source File: http://www.developphp.com In this tutorial Adam gives a quick beginner example on how to use the Swift3D Express Plugin for Flash. He shows you how to draw out a custom shape using the pen tool, then he loads it into his Swift3D Express plugin using the Command drop down list in flash. You can do some really cool things with the 3D plugin for Flash, but Adam enjoys using the stand alone version of Swift3D more for making SWF file models and animations he can import into his Flash timeline and further manipulate. Now you have a tool to make 3D workflow in Flash easy, and you can stand out from the crowd if you jump on it now! Never make a dull logo again, create cool characters and animations, you can render and animate your funky style texts too! I offer you the fla file so you can see how flash gladly absorbs the file from Swift3d Express, and throws it into a nice movieclip with keyframe images of the animation.

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