Flash AS3 MP3 Playlist Player Tutorial 1.0 for CS3+CS4 Play Unlimited MP3s - [English]

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http://www.developphp.com * Features AutoStart and continuous play track after track * Easy to customize for any look and size, add/remove features * Built into a movieclip to easily place into applications or sites * Code comments section off the logic so you can pinpoint code * No packages, classes, no external code, you edit the built in intuitive code http://www.developphp.com/Flash_tuts/AS3_mp3_playlist_player.php * Unique Features and Flash control interfaces * Plays any amount of MP3s in any folder * Use on a web site or locally on your machine, or both * Awesome simple EQ shows right and left realtime amplitude * Compact and easy to hide anywhere on a website In the free Flash ActionScript 3 fla file download tutorial you can learn how to build your very own custom MP3 playlist player that streams the .mp3 files dynamically from your server. So if you are looking to build an MP3 player that will play any amount of MP3 files, show track titles, has time indications, track amount information, ID3 information gathered automatically, volume control, progress bar, realtime equalizer effects that jump to the beat, etc..., then this is the tutorial for you. There are a lot of free MP3 player tutorials out there that do not have the unlimited playlist feature, so that is the focus here. Maybe this one will show you functionality you did not know before. This one utilizes most everything in the AS3 sound architecture. We show you how to script it out and structure it by giving you the full working application for you to reference code with good comments, file structure, graphics, etc... all for free. More in depth dynamic MP3 player tutorials are soon to come. AS3 and CS4 + CS3 are great tools for sound programming for the web.

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