(Documentary) Gaza Suffering 3 - English

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Years has passed since the Israeli military launched missile and ground attacks on Gaza, which Israel called Operation Cast Lead. According to the UN, 1,383 Palestinians died as a result, including 333 children. And what of the survivors? For the 1.7 million living in the tiny Gaza Strip, life has become increasingly desperate because of Israel\'s continuing blockade, backed by Egypt and with no effective challenge from governments around the world. The blockade has brought electricity cuts of 16 hours a day, The electricity shortages have severely affected almost all essential services, including health, water, sanitation and schooling. Many houses have been burnt in blazes caused by unattended candles or circuited house electric generators. Solid waste disposal is severely disrupted due to fuel shortages and with waste plants and water refineries not operational, people have to drink highly toxic water either salinated or mixed with sewage. Amidst all the limitations, Gazans struggle to survive and thus innovation has become their answer to imposed embargo.

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