[02 Jan 2014] Army forces in heavy fighting with militants in Fallujah, Iraq - English

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02   Jan   2014   Army   forces   in   heavy   fighting   with   militants   in   Fallujah   Iraq   PTV   Presstv   English   Violence   raging   in   Iraq   where   officials   say   the   army   special   forces   are   fighting   al   Qaeda   linked   milit  

Violence raging in Iraq, where officials say the army\\\'s special forces are fighting al-Qaeda-linked militants in the city of Fallujah west of the capital Baghdad. A commander of the Iraqi commandos has described the clashes in Anbar province as heavy. The special forces were called in to restore security to Fallujah, as police were ordered to return to their headquarters. They\\\'re also being helped by local tribesmen. The al-Qaeda-linked militants are said to have half of Fallujah under their control. The western province of Anbar has been the scene of deadly violence since Monday after Iraqi security forces dismantled an anti-government protest camp in Ramadi. The government says the site had become a breeding ground for al-Qaeda-linked terrorists.

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