US National Sarah Shourd Released By Islamic Iran - 14 SEP 2010 - English

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'Shourd released over health condition' Iran's decision to release American national Sarah Shourd was based on humanitarian grounds, Tehran Prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi has told Press TV. Sarah Emily Shourd was released on Tuesday on a bail of $500,000, more than 14 months after she was arrested with two other Americans for illegally entering Iran. "Based on the reports by her lawyer, our investigators and evidence provided by the government... we decided to take the detainee's health situation into consideration and grant her bail," Dolatabadi told Press TV on Tuesday. "Her representatives decided to bail her out... the judge has issued a release order and Ms. Shourd can leave Iran whenever she pleases," he added. Shourd, 31, Shane Michael Bauer and Joshua Felix Fattal, both 27, were arrested in July 2009 after illegally crossing the border from the mountains of Iraq's Kurdistan region. The three Americans were charged with espionage after the Tehran prosecutor found "compelling evidence" that the trio had been cooperating with US intelligence agencies. Bauer and Fattal will remain in jail and the trio will have to stand trial for espionage. Article Source:

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