[24 Oct 2013] Lawyer Says he barred from discussing torture of intimates at court - English

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24   Oct   2013   Lawyer   Says   he   barred   from   discussing   torture   of   intimates   at   court   PTV   Presstv   English   A   lawyer   for   a   nine   eleven   suspect   who   jailed   in   the   US   Guantanamo   prison   criticizes   his   limitat  

A lawyer for a nine-eleven suspect, who\'s jailed in the US Guantanamo prison, criticizes his limitations in even talking about the torture of his client. James Connell says the Guantanamo court has barred him from reading out his client\'s personal account of his alleged abuse. He says this hampers his ability to put up a strong defense. To add insult to the injury, Connell said he was also prevented to send the document to a third party such as the U-N\'s special rapporteur on torture. The lawyer insisted that the treatment violated the U-N Convention Against Torture. Other lawyers have also complained about the issue, saying it\'s important to discuss torture claims because all their five defendants face the death penalty if convicted. Connell has also revealed that his client suffered a head injury apparently during an interrogation by the C-I-A in 2006.

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