Nasrallah slams anti-Iran remarks by Hariri - 9Apr11 - English

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Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has underlined Hezbollah\\\'s stance towards the latest developments in Lebanon through a televised speech. Remarks of caretaker premier Saad Hariri in which he accused Iran of interfering in the affairs of Arab states and inciting problems were considered by Nasrallah as a reflection of Israeli rhetoric. Sayyed Nasrallah linked the latest position of Saad Hariri to the unrest in the region, especially after Hariri held a telephone conversation with Bahraini king Hamad Bin Khalifa: The anti Iranian remarks follow a campaign by the March 14 against hezbollah\\\'s arms , but this stance is not new, and nasrallah said it goes back some years and is part of a deal between the US and the embattled March 14th . Analysts see the war of words in Lebanon as a reflection of rivalry between the camp allied with the US and the resistance: The issue of the formation of a new cabinet headed by PM designate Najib Mikati was also tackled by Nasrallah who said the march 8th are determined to deal with the remaining obstacles before forming the Mikati cabinet.

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