The Least Worst Place - new policies in Guantanamo - English

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In this edition of the show Susan interviews Karen Greenberg, author of The Least Worst Place. In her recent book The Least Worst Place, she offers a gripping narrative account of the first one hundred days of Guantanamo. Greenberg, one of America's leading experts on the Bush Administration's policies on terrorism, tells the story through a group of career officers who tried and ultimately failed to stymie the Pentagon's desire to implement harsh new policies in Guantanamo and bypass the Geneva Conventions. She outlines how the US has systematically violated all rules and norms of the Geneva Conventions and has made Guantanamo a lawless prison camp. In this narrative of the earliest days of the post-9/11 era centers on the conflicts Gitmo-based Marine officers confess about faulty intelligence. Ultimately from Bush to Obama transparency is replaced with secrecy, military protocol with violations of basic operation procedures, and humane and legal detainee treatment with harsh interrogation methods and torture. Greenberg's riveting account puts a human face on this little-known story, revealing how America first lost its moral bearings in the wake of 9/11

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