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Representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross Peter Stoeker visited Iranian diplomat Jalal Sharafi in a hospital in Tehran on Tuesday and witnessed in person the traces of severe physical tortures on his body from head to toe. Sharafi - the second secretary of the Iranian embassy in Baghdad - was abducted in southeastern Baghdad on February 4 by a group connected to the Iraqi Defense Ministry which operates under the supervision of the U.S. forces in Iraq. He was released on April 3. In the hospital where Sharafi was also visited by Iraq ambassador to Tehran -Mohamed Majid Al-Sheikh- Stoeker observed holes drilled in Sharafis feet fractures of the nose and neck - some deep bruises on his back - and evidence of a tear to his ear drum and bleeding in the alimentary canal. Sharafi told the Red Cross representative that he had undergone horrific torturing during the first 15 days of his arrest. He was later transferred by an ambulance on a wheelchair to the Foreign Ministry building to attend a news conference with the domestic and foreign reporters and photographers.He told the reporters that during his captivity - he was repeatedly tortured and interrogated about Irans role in Iraq. He said his kidnappers - who spoke in English and Arabic - were in constant contact with their chiefs through walkie-talkies while abducted him in southeastern Baghdad. In the first four or five days an eight-person group regularly beat me up day and night with a wire. He said he was asked - why Iran helps Islamic groups in Iraq and what those groups are. Why Iran supports the Maliki government and the Iraqi people. Are there any secret relations between them... Why do you help the Sunni scholars - and asked some questions about the detained Iranian diplomats in Arbil -northern Iraq- the relations between Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani and Iraqi president Jalal Talabani with Iran and in Iran which persons purchase uranium.... He added -At the last stage of my interrogation somebody who introduced himself as an American and a mediator between the U.S. embassy and the person in charge of my case came to me and since I could not understand English the words were translated into Arabic.Mr. Stoeker said his organization had been unable to find him in Iraq.

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