[28 May 2012] West loses credibility on Syria - English

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[28 May 2012] \'West loses credibility on Syria\' - English Syria slams the wording of a United Nations Security Council statement on the recent massacre of civilians in the central town of Houla. Ja\'afari said the 15-nation council misinterpreted the words of the head of the UN mission in Syria, General Robert Mood. He was referring to a part in the statement that condemned the Syrian government for the artillery and tank shelling of a residential neighborhood in Houla. Ja\'afari said it was an interpretation of Western states such as Germany and the UK. He added that General Mood had said it was unclear how the mass killings had taken place and that the events needed to be investigated. The Security Council released the statement after an emergency session to discuss the Houla killings. Over one-hundred people were killed and three-hundred others wounded in the town on Friday.

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