[Must Watch and Forward to everyone] AUCTION FOR SUICIDE BOMBER in SAUDIA for SYRIA - Arabic Sub English

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An unbelievable leaked video of an auction for a suicide bomber against Syria! This takes place in a hotel conference room in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The atmosphere is festive, and the audience has children in it. But the merchandise auctioned is human flesh and blood! The video shows the father, Abu-Salah, attending the auction and offering his son Khaled as a sacrifice This is his SECOND son to be sold as a suicide bomber.The father receives 1.5 million Riyals ($400,000) as future compensation for his son's demise in Syria.At one point in the video, the father is elated at the high bids. What kind of father sells his son? What kind of person pays to have a stranger blow himself up? These are questions that Saudi Arabia, Gulf Arab states, Obama, Hillary Clinton and Europeans must answer because of their support of these terrorists in Syria. NOTE- Not all saudies are killers! Many innocents are living un happy there. the main problem is wahhabis = zionists 100%

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