Documentary - Inside Chernobyl [The Russian Atomic Power Plant Disaster 26 April 1986 ] - English

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Inside Chernobyl (Alt. title "Return to Chernobyl"). A 2006 news report by Australian Nine Network's program "60 minutes" with television journalist Richard Carlton. On 7 May 2006, Richard Carleton suffered a massive heart attack during a press conference. Carleton died in the ambulance on the way to hospital. He's death has absolutt nothing to do with he's recent visit to Chernobyl. This video has been widely criticised on forums of being too overdramatic. Here's an example: "I'd be somewhat skeptical of what Richard Carlton was saying, mainly because I think the story was another classic 60 minutes beat up. Why? Well, when Richard was wearing the "bunny suit", he wasn't wearing a face mask. Why would he have been wearing a bunny suit? Was it: (a) to stop radioactive dust from falling onto his skin. (b) or to stop radiation, which is probably unlikely anyway, because the suit would probably have to be lead lined. The question is, if he needed to be that safe from radioactive dust, or radiation, why wasn't his face covered? Once you think about that, you then realise that the bunny suit was probably for dramatic effect rather than actually being required, which I think indicates that the areas he was in were much safer than 60 minutes was presenting. Once you can't believe that the safety measures portrayed were necessary, if the whole story is about the safety of the Chernobyl site, then I think you have to question the complete basis for the story."

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