5thFebruary2010 - 9th Shahadat Anniversary Shaheed Muzaffar Kirmani - Presentation - Urdu

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Muzaffar Ali Kirmani was born in 1960 in an old area of Kharadar - Karachi . Kharadar which has its place in history for being the birthplace of the founder of Pakistan also enjoys the honor for being the birthplace of a young man who played a leading role in Islamic history of Pakistan . Muzaffar Ali Kirmani spent his childhood just like any other usual child in traditional manner but his religious inclinations since childhood were witnessed due to the religious background of his family. Those days when children spend their time in play and leisure Muzaffar would prepare himself for prayers and other forms of worship. During his school life Muzaffar's teachers and colleagues were moved by his excellent morals and ethics. He was a jolly person with a charming personality due to which he befriended innumerable friends during his school life. Along with religious inclinations - he was fond of Azadari too. He organized Majalis and Matam with his friends during his school years. His religious inclinations developed further on stepping into the youth age.

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