The UN Is Controlled By America (Documented Proof) | Dr. Hasan Abbasi | Farsi Sub English

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What is one of the most important and perhaps most powerful tool of the Arrogant Powers in order to infiltrate into the countries of the world? What is the United Nations and the organizations linked to the United Nations used for by the Americans and the Europeans? What are just a few of the famous organizations linked to the United Nations that are used as tools for infiltration? And who really controls the internet? What is a practical example of the UN being used for the political motivations of America? How are some of the cultural ideas of the Western world infiltrated into the Muslim World? What are a few of the things that are found in \\\'The Doctrine for the Armed Forces of the United States of America\\\'? What is the Civil-Military Operations Center, also known as the CMOC; and how is it related to these questions? And finally, what proof does Dr. Hasan Abbasi bring forth which speaks about this things? Dr. Hasan Abbasi answers, explains, and brings forth proof of how \\\"The UN Is Controlled By America\\\". Don\\\'t force them to uncover your ugly reality hidden behind the mask of deception.

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