Why Baba Ali accepted ISLAM? English

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Baba Ali who was formerly a Wiccan, went through many faces in his life. When his father was on his deathbed, Baba Ali realized that life is short and that he has to take his search for the truth more seriously. Baba Ali is now a Muslim. Watch as he narrates his journey to Islam. Key Points of This Video Introduction [start time 00:00] Me as a Wiccan [start time 02:16] Me looking at other religions [start time 06:00] Me Preaching to a Preacher before Islam [start time 10:04] Jesus dying for our sins [start time 12:24] Me at the camp [start time 14:10] Proof of the truth of Islam [start time 16:03] How I came to Islam [start time 17:38] Advice to the viewers [start time 21:01] My Projects [start time 25:21]

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