The Holy Month of Sha\'ban | One Minute Wisdom | English

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Salutations to all the believers across the world upon the blessed month of Sha\\\'ban and the month in which great Islamic personalities such as his eminence Ali al-Akbar (A), Abul Fazl al-Abbas (A), Imam Zaynul Abideen (A), Imam Husayn (A), and the 12 Imam (A) were all born in. So in this One Minute Wisdom, Sayyid Shahryar speaks about the greatness of the holy month of Sha\\\'ban and a great tradition from his eminence, Imam Ali ibne Musa al-Ridha (A). But what are some of the things we can do in this holy month of Sha\\\'ban that will benefit us both in this world, and most especially in the hereafter? And they are easier than you could imagine! Sayyid Shahryar points us in the right direction when it comes to \\\"The Holy Month of Sha\\\'ban\\\". #IslamicPulse #OneMinuteWisdom #OMW #Akhlaq #Ethics #Morality #Islam #Quran #AhlulBayt #Shaban #ImamRidha

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