Nothing Is More Precious Than Islam | Imam Khamenei & Shaheed Haj Qasem | Farsi Sub English

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After witnessing the tragedy of Karbala, what did lady Zaynab bint Ali (A) say? And what were some of the things that lady Zaynab bint Ali (A) had to witness in the land of Karbala? Did her eminence, lady Zaynab (A) complain about what she saw transpire in the lands of Karbala? What is that one cause and divine movement for which the Imams (A) were martyred and the children of the Imams (A) and lady Fatima Zahra (A) were martyred? Finally, what could possibly be more valuable and more important that even the Master of Martyrs, Sayyidush Shuhada, al-Imam al-Husayn (A)? Shaheed Haj Qasem and Imam Sayyid Ali Khamenei explain to us that \"Nothing Is More Precious Than Islam\".

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