[25 Dec 2013] Moscow exhibition highlights Syria conflict - English

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25   Dec   2013   Moscow   exhibition   highlights   Syria   conflict   PTV   Presstv   English   The   main   aim   of   this   exhibition   is   to   tell   the   truth   about   the   armed   conflict   in   Syria   Several   journalists   taking   part   in  

The main aim of this exhibition is to tell the truth about the armed conflict in Syria. Several journalists, taking part in the event, have recently visited the crisis-hit Arab nation and collected exclusive photographs and videos. They\'ve also brought back various objects with them which give the audience a feeling of being there. Among them is this wrecked car. It was loaded with over a ton of explosives. It is part of the evidence of a suicide bomb attack carried out in Damascus on 21 February just outside the Russian Embassy in which dozens of people were killed. This car was travelling behind a truck which was exploded on that fateful day. Its driver got injured before he could detonate the explosives. The car itself was badly damaged but police managed to removed the explosives safely. The photographers also managed to visit areas targeted by chemical weapons. They saw ruined buildings - including hospitals, schools and churches. They weren\'t allowed to film the actual army operations against militants. However, their main aim was to capture its devastating impacts. The organizers of the exhibition say the people they met in Syria remain hopeful that the conflict will end soon. However, this unique exhibition allows people elsewhere to take a glimpse of deadly carnage and devastations in Syria.

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