Cooking Recipe - Olive Fritters/Bhajiyas - English

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live fritters made with two cheeses and pan fried to perfection with a crispy outer layer and gooey inside.... Recipe: 1 cup white flour 1/4 cup rice flour Olive oil for pan frying 1 cup of chedder and mozeralla cheese half and half 2 cups spanish olives sliced fresh pepper water to mix pancake like batter Method: Mix the white flour and rice flour than add the cheese stir and make sure it's combined than go ahead and add fresh pepper per your taste. Lastly add the olives, mix and start adding water to the batter slowly until you have a pancake batter consistency !!!! Heat olive oil in a pan than add big tablespoon fulls of batter in the pan and pan fry one side until golden brown than turn and do the same for the other end!! Sit back and enjoy!!!!! Can be served with hot sauce!!!!

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