[AL-QUDS 2012] Times Square, New York USA : Cyrus McGoldrick, CAIR - 17 August 2012 - English

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International Day of Quds 2012, Times Square, NY Al Quds Committee New York (www.alqudsday.org) Master-of-Ceremonies: Radio Rahim (radiorahimonline.com) Cyrus "the Raskol Khan" McGoldrick is an artist and community activist, an American Muslim of Iranian and Irish descent. A recent graduate of Columbia University in New York City, he is the Civil Rights Manager at the NY chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and serves on the Board of Directors for Getting Out & Staying Out, a program dedicated to helping young men coming out of prison to stay out of prison. As an independent world/hip-hop musician specializing in voice, beats and live instruments (tenor sax, violin, piano), he has been performing since 2004 with various groups around the country. He is a voice for Islam, human rights and cultural understanding, featured in hundreds of concerts, rallies, panels, and local, national and international media.

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