The Problems with a Two-State solution for Palestine - Ali Abunimah - Part 2 - English

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Ali Abunimah is the editor of He spoke at the One State for Palestine-Israel Conference in Boston in 2009. For more on the One State solution, see his book "One Country". For a similar perspective, see BOTH morally and realistically, the two-state solution was never a viable solution of the situation. In the last 30 or so years, since Camp David, if our different institutions and movements had spent their energies on discrediting Zionism - instead of giving it concessions and in the process legitimizing it - that might have been more fruitful. Over these years, the "peace process" has only facilitated Israel to steal more land and discredit the moral rights of the Palestinians. Today, effectively, there is already a "One State" in the Palestine-Israel region under Israeli control. Some argue that we are inevitably moving toward formalizing that "One State", and that the resistance struggle may in fact transform into a movement for equal citizenship rights. Or, perhaps it won't take even that long for the dismantlement of the Zionist apartheid state.

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