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Here it is a very simple easy and delicious recipe for rasmalai. So watch and learn how to make the best rasmalai. #HappyCookingToYou Recipe in English: Ingredients: •For Cheese Balls: -Fresh milk 1 ltr -Vinegar 2 tbs •For Sheera: -Sugar 1 cup -Water 1 & ¼ cup •For Sweet Milk (Rabri): -Fresh milk 1 litre -Sugar ¾ cup or to taste -Cardamom powder ½ tsp -Water 2 tbs + cornflour 1 ½ tbs -Kewra water 1 tbs -Tetrapak cream 2 tbs -Almond and pistachio for garnishing Directions: •Prepare Cheese Balls: -Heat milk and bring it to boil. -Add vinegar and mix it. Strain in cheese cloth and rinse curdled milk with cold water. -Press to strain excess water. -Knead to form a soft dough for 8-10 mins and divide and make small ball with no crack. •Prepare Sheera: -In a sauce pan, add sugar and water and bring it to boil. -Add cheese balls, covered and simmer for 6-8 mins. -Set aside in chilled water. •Prepare Sweet Milk (Rabri): -In a pot, heat milk, add sugar and cardamom powder. -In small bowl,mix water and corn flour and add it to rabri milk. -Add kewra water and boil until 1/3rd of milk remains and keep stirring in between. -Remove from flame and add tetrapak cream and give it a good mix. -Remove cheese balls from cold water and press cheese balls to strain excess water. -Place cheese balls on serving plate, pour sweet milk (rabri). -Garnish with almonds and pistachio, refrigerate for 1-2hours. -Serve chilled. Recipe in Urdu: Ajza: •For Cheese Balls: -Doodh (taza) 1 ltr -Sirka 2 tbs •For Sheera: -Cheeni 1 cup -Pani 1 & ¼ cup •For Sweet Milk (Rabri): -Doodh (taza) 1 litre -Cheeni ¾ cup or to taste -Elaichi powder ½ tsp -Pani 2 tbs + cornflour 1 ½ tbs -Kewra water 1 tbs -Tetrapak cream 2 tbs -Badam and pista for garnishing Directions: •Prepare Cheese Ball: -Doodh ko garam karein aur ubal lein. -Sirka shamil ker k mix karein. Mulmul ka kapra mein chaan lein aur thanday pani dal dein. -Daba ker k ezafe pani nikal lein. -Dough ko ache tarhan ghond lein 8-10 mins kliya aur chotay size ki balls bana lein. •Prepare Sheera: -Sauce pan mein cheeni aur pani dal ker ubal lein. -Ab is mein cheese balls shamil karein,dhak ker halki ancch per 6-8 mins kliya rakh dein. -Thanday pani mein dal ker side per rakh dein. •Prepare Sweet Milk (Rabri): -Pot mein doodh garam karein,cheeni aur elaichi powder shamil karein. -Ek chota bowl mein pani aur corn flour dal ker mix ker lein aur rabri milk mein shamil karein. -Ab is mein kewra water shamil karein aur 1/3rd doodh reh janay tak paka lein,bech mein musalsal chamcha chalatay rahein. -Chulhay sa hata lein,aur tetrapak cream dal ker ache tarhan mix ker lein. -Cheese balls ko thanday pani sa nikal lein aur daba ker ezafe pani nikal lein. -Cheese balls ko serving plate mein rakh ker upper sa rabri milk dal dein. -Badam aur pista sa garnish karein aur refrigerator mein 1-2 hours kliya rakh dein. -Thanda serve karein.

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