California police search for answers in beating death of Iraqi woman - Mar 27, 2012 - English

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation is now involved in the case of an Iraqi woman beaten to death in her Southern California home. The El Cajon Police Department says the FBI is providing assistance as it investigates the death of Shaima Alawadi and whether her death was a hate crime. The mother of five had suffered multiple blows to the head with a large object. Police say her 17-year-old daughter discovered her in the kitchen on Wednesday, along with a threatening note. Hanif Mohebi is executive director of the San Diego chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Mohebi says the family had received another threatening note but had dismissed it as a prank. Alawadi\'s daughter has said that the note called her mother a terrorist and demanded she go back to her country. Mohebi says the family remains in a state of shock. Mohebi says for right now, family members are choosing not to speak to the media. A family friend says he believes the reports that Alawaidi’s death is a hate crime. El Cajon is located about 2 hours south of Los Angeles. The city has America’s second largest community of Iraqis, behind Michigan. But police say the beating is an isolated incident and the community shouldn’t feel targeted. Muslim leaders say the beating follows several months of increased reports of hate crimes in the San Diego area. They say the community needs to be vigilant in reporting any kind of threat or violence against them. Police say they have no suspects or persons of interest in this case. They have not confirmed whether any fingerprints were found on the note left at the crime scene.

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