Iran successfully launches second satellite " RASAD" into orbit - Jun 15 2011 - English

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Amir Mehdi Kazemi, Press TV,Tehran Another achievement for Iran's aerospace industry; a new satellite project aimed at bringing Iranian scientists a step closer to a more advanced space technology. According to Iran's space organization the Safir-e- Rasad Iran's second satellite carrier is responsible for placing the 15.3 kilogram Rasad satellite into orbit. Just minutes after the launch signals were sent down to earth via space cameras, indicating that the satellite had been placed successfully into its circuit on a two month mission. The project has been the result of cooperations between the aerospace organization and Malek Ashtar University both affiliated to Iran's ministry of defense and Iran's space organization. The Rasad is the country's first imaging satellite. Despite its small dimensions which puts it under the category of micro-satellites the device has all the features of big satellite. It will orbit the earth at an altitude of 260 kilometers 15 times every 24 hours. The satellite is equipped with solar panels and uses solar energy to work. Iran launched its first home made satellite Omid in 2009. The telecommunication satellite put Iran's name in the list as the ninth country to develop satellite launch capability. With Iran's space projects speeding up the sky no longer seems to be the limit for scientists in Iran. Tehran says that it plans to launch the country's first manned mission to space by 2019.

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