[06 June 13] Syrian army recaptures city of Qusayr - English

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The battle for Qusayr is over. The Syrian Army is now in full control of what the foreign-backed opposition called \"the backbone of the revolution\". Video footage from the previous night when the city was under the insurgents\' control reveals a lot about the nature of the battle that represents a turning point in the Syrian government\'s fight against the militants. After the sunset on June 4th, The Syrian army intensified attacks on insurgents\' strongholds from various directions. The army took new routes different from the ones used in previous days pressuring the militants and making them leave Qusayr\'s city center into the northern quarter. By then, it wasn\'t long before the militants made the conclusion that the battle is lost and started leaving the city. Alaa Ebrahim, press TV, Qusayr

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