Surah Al Ghashiya - Arabic English Urdu

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This is a ‘meccan’ surah. Ghashiyah means that which overshadows or overwhelms-a terrible thing or event which makes people lose their senses. The “day of Judgement” is indicated as an event when all that which we have seen and experienced in the life of this world will be lost and the only reality before us will be the process of reckoning. It is narrated from the Holy Prophet (saw) that the one who recites this surah will not face difficulty in the accounting of deeds on the “Day of Judgement” and ALLAH (swt) will show Mercy to him/her and save him/her from Jahannam. Reciting this surah near a baby removes fright from him/her and stops his/her crying. Imam Ali (as) has said that if this surah is recited over a paining part of the body, the pain will go away and if recited over food items, it removes any bad effects of that food.

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