A student falls sick on the way to Karbala | When He Calls | pt.5/8 | English

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Episode 5 of the ground-breaking new film following the journey of five students as they make their way to the Holy land of Karbala. The journey continues. Due to the harsh weather, the food and the physical exertion, one of the students falls sick and they have barely completed half the walk. Despite their exhaustion from walking all day in the heat of Iraq amongst the bustling crowds, the students manage to rise for their prayers. Will they be able to continue their journey while one of their friends has fallen ill? Will they leave him behind? Or will the blessings of Allah, for the sake of Imam Husayn, spur them on? This episode captures the tiresome walk as they students continue on their journey, as well as the profound selflessness of the Iraqi people in their attempts to make the foreign pilgrims feel welcome. What is it about the ancient city of Karbala that captivates Muslims? What makes approximately 30 million people travel there each year? The ziarat [pilgrimage] to Karbala is considered a sacred journey for Muslims across the world, especially the followers of Ahlulbayt (as). Every week, Islamic Pulse will be releasing two episodes of ‘When He Calls’ by the will of God, so stay tuned!

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