[12 Aug 2012] Afghan freedom depends on US interests - News Analysis - English

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[12 Aug 2012] Afghan freedom depends on US interests - English More than a decade in Afghanistan the US-led forces are now facing more violence. As many as eight US-led troopers have been killed by locals in southern Afghanistan over the past three days in the so-called "green-on-blue" attacks. In two separate incidents on Friday, three American forces were shot by a man in Afghan police uniform, who had invited them to a meal, while three other troopers were killed by an Afghan, employed in a NATO base. According to a NATO count, green-on-blue attacks, in which Afghans turn their weapons against the foreign forces, have killed a total of 34 foreign troopers this year. The inspector general police of the Helmand province, Abdul Nabi Ilham described the green-on-blue attacks as a new tactic of the Taliban. Thousands of NATO troopers, due to withdraw from Afghanistan in 2014, are still in the country under the pretext of 'training and working alongside Afghan soldiers' for the anti-insurgency campaign.

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