[1 June 2013] Report urges probe into UKs hunger issue - English

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Over half a million people are going hungry in Britain. That\\\'s according to the charities Church Action On Poverty and Oxfam. In their joint report: \\\'Walking the Breadline - the Scandal of Food Poverty in 21St Century Britain\\\', the scale of destitution, hardship and hunger are even worse than thought. One of the biggest worries for anti-poverty campaigners is that food banks are now becoming a \\\'normalized\\\' part of the welfare system. Families and individuals in dire need are forced to accept emergency handouts instead of having the underlying reason for their predicament addressed. There are also growing concerns that more families in work are unable to make ends meet at the end of the month alongside benefit delays and sanctions adding to their woes. So what would the authors of the report like to see happen to stop more people from sinking into food poverty? Amina Taylor, Press TV, London

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