5 Shia Mosques in Iraq - Bomb Blasts [Read Description] 31July09 - English

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Foreign intervention and intrusion in Iraq resulting in more bomb blasts. AlJazeera along with other mainstream propaganda media contributing in spreading the lies about these acts of terrorism in Iraq by claiming it to be sectarian violence. Shia and Sunni in Iraq lived in peace and harmony for the most part. Both of these major sects of Islam did not attack the mosques in the past. The fact that the mosques are being targetted is a clear indication that these attacks are against Islam and intended to create a discord between Shias and Sunnis. SHAME ON YOU AL-JAZEERA for passing out analysis that suggests these deadly attacks to be sectarian violence. AL-JAZEERA, you are a loser as Westerners don't recognize you as an international media and Muslims condemn you for spreading these illiterate assumptions to create disunity amongst Muslims. SHIA and SUNNI are united against the enemies of Islam, Muslims and humanity.

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