[Part 1] US Recruits Iranian Youth Online to Propagate US Strategic Policy - English

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Green Movement: Exiled Oligarchs for a Future Client-State: Targeting Islam in America's Soft War Coup Attempts in Iran. Part 1 on a series that analyzes the soft and proxy wars between Iran and the United States. Since the fall of the US-Backed Shah, Iran and the United States have been at odds over Middle Eastern dominance. It has caused Iran to abandon the client-state for an Islamic Republic. Increasingly, the American government has exhausted every method of overthrowing the Islamic Republic's system. Supporting various sleeper cells within Iran, including those that carry out terrorist activities. The United States has thus resorted to more economical measures, mainly injecting capital into television and media propaganda targeting the Islamic religion. The United States believes that if the Islamic Republic is to fall, it must be done by corrupting Islam as a religion and to promote non-Islamic Western models and ideologies as the only way out for a truly free Iran. This series of documentaries expands on this idea, it includes interviews and relevant information for the viewer who seeks an in-depth look into America's growing urge to get rid of the Islamic Republic before it grows too powerful in the region.

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