[20 Dec 2013] Sayed Hassan Nasrallah speech on the commemoration of the martyrdom of Hassan Lakees - English

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Sayed   Hassan   Nasrallah   speech   on   the   commemoration   of   the   martyrdom   of   Hezbollah   top   military   commanders   Hassan   Lakees   Lakkis   secretary   General   accused   Israel   behind   the   assassination  

December 20, 2013, During a ceremony in tribute of one of Hezbollah’s top military commanders, Hassan Lakees, who was assassinated near his home early this month, Hezbollah’s secretary General accused Israel of being behind the assassination. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah will settle its score with Israel. Referring to the crisis in Syria and the role of Hezbollah, Nasrallah said that his movement is fighting to protect the whole Middle East region form the threat of extremist groups. The Syrian ambassador to Lebanon says Israel is now using the Takfiris as a tool to try to weaken Syria but to no avail as many in the Arab world are revising their stance with regard to what is going on in the country. The Hezbollah chief also talked about the current political standoff in Lebanon, saying that the deadlock should be resolved through the formation of a national unity government. While Hezbollah has been trying to counter the activities of Saudi-backed takfiri elements in Lebanon and Syria, the secretary general of Hezbollah has stressed that the battle against Israel remains an open battle and that the Lebanese resistance movement will retaliate Israeli moves at the necessary time and place.

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