[30 Dec 2013] Kashmir hosts conference on Zainab - English

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30   Dec   2013   Kashmir   hosts   conference   on   Zainab   PTV   Presstv   English   Zainab   is   the   granddaughter   of   Islam   Prophet   Mohammad   pbuh   She   known   as   the   messenger   of   the   Battle   of   Karbala   during   which  

Zainab, is the granddaughter of Islam\\\'s Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). She\\\'s known as the messenger of the Battle of Karbala during which Imam Hossein and his 72 companions were killed while fighting against Yazid and his cohorts. Zainab led two great missions to reveal the truth, as she unmasked the true face of Yazid, and portrayed who Prophet Mohammad\\\'s household were and what they stood for. The role Zainab played during and after the Battle of Karbala was the main topic at a conference held in Indian-controlled Kashmir.The gathering, the first of its kind in Kashmir, attracted female scholars, professionals and students from across the region. Participants shed light on the personality of Zainab. Speakers hailed Zainab as the symbol of women\\\'s empowerment and resistance against oppression, as she shook the foundations of Yazid\\\'s rule and bravely spoke out against him. The speakers said it is moral responsibility of every human being, especially women, to safeguard Zainab\\\'s legacy and follow her path. Also at the conference, a special message from the representative of Iran\\\'s leader of Islamic Revolution to India was read. Speakers at the conference believe that such events help the campaigners of truth and justice understand the message of Karbala and the life of Imam Hussein, and pass the lessons to next generations.

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