Holy Quran - Surah al Takathur, Surah No 102 - Arabic sub English sub Urdu

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This is a ‘meccan’ surah. At takathur signifies, \"the contending among people for superiority in the amount of property or number of children and men.\" It keeps man heedless of the hereafter, having no time for spiritual life. It is reported that the people of Bani Abd Munaf, Bani Qu-asi and Bani Sahm had an inordinate craving for acquisition of more and more wealth and adherents or supporters. When once they dug up the graves of their followers to count even the dead to prove the superiority of one tribe over the other this surah was revealed. Rivalry in such things monopolises the attention of individuals and communities and leaves no time for higher purposes of life and spiritual attainments, therefore a clear warning is given in this verse for devotion of some time to spiritual attainments also. The Holy Prophet (saw) said that whoever recites this surah before going to sleep at night will be saved from the torments of the grave. If this surah is recited in faraa’idh prayers, the reciter will get the reward of a hundred martyrs. If recited in the nawafil prayers, he will get the reward of fifty martyrs. It is especially recommended to recite surah at-Takathur in the ‘Asr prayers and the person who does this remains under the protection of ALLAH (swt) until the day ends. Recitation of this surah is a cure from headaches. Another way of reciting salaat al-Wahshat (apart from the commonly known way) is to recite Ayatul Kursi once and surah al-Ikhlas twice after the Surah al-Hamd of the first rak’aat and then recite surah at-Takaathur ten times after the Surah al-Hamd of the second rak’aat.

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